Music Support Technician

As a Music Support Technician (or Audio Engineer) for U.S. Army Bands, you will be responsible for live concert audio engineering of performances and rehearsals by all musical elements within the Army Bands to include Rock Band, Jazz Combo, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and others, at one of 20 Army Bands worldwide. In addition to advanced audio techniques, you will be trained on the operation of lighting systems in order to support performances or communicate with contracted lighting companies.


  • Working experience as a Live Audio Engineer
  • Accredited certification in Live Audio Engineering (preferred)
  • Thorough understanding of modern audio engineering technologies and techniques
  • Ability to work at a professional level and take direction from superiors, while operating in a positive and consultative team environment
  • Demonstrated expertise using ProTools and/or other DAWs, analog and digital consoles, knowledge of a wide range of microphone types and techniques, outboard and plug-in processing, established and emerging delivery and playback formats, advanced computer skills in Mac and Windows environments
  • Solid understanding of large and small PA systems, amplification, signal flow, electrical wiring and wireless microphone systems

Audition Procedures

The audition process starts by contacting an Audition Coordinator and submitting your resume. There is a multi-step prescreening process before being invited for a live audition. Live auditions will take place at the U.S. Army School of Music in Virginia Beach, VA. All travel expenses will be paid by the Army, provided the candidate is fully qualified for enlistment into the U.S. Army.

Live Audition Format

Ensemble Mixing

The audition judges how well you can create a mix on genre specific music. The day prior to your audition, you will receive pre-recorded tracks to be mixed through a digital console emulating a live performance. You will be responsible for creating and saving two scenes that will be used during the audition to playback the mix and manipulate any fader rides or effects in real-time to enhance the performance. You will then have 10 minutes to quickly prepare a third song. As the third song is playing, you will react in real-time to the performance and adjust the levels to quickly create the mix. This third song is used to help determine your ability to quickly troubleshoot the performance.

Additional Skills (optional)

Army Bands values additional skills that musicians bring to our organization. You may receive additional points on your audition if you choose to demonstrate proficiency in the following: Performing on an instrument or singing. An audition coordinator can discuss standards and recommended selections.