Prospective musicians must pass an audition and be selected for a vacancy. Audition requirements are the same for Active Duty and Reserve/National Guard Bands. Please click on your instrument for audition requirements and information specific to your instrument.

*Positions for these specialties are only available at the Special Army Bands.

Scheduling Your Active Duty Audition

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Active Duty Army Bands, you will have to audition and be selected for our program. Follow these steps to schedule your audition and be considered for a position in the Army Bands Program:

  1. Contact your local Army Bands Audition Coordinator for a telephone interview by submitting an audition request.
  2. Your Army Bands Audition Coordinator will request that you submit a recording and performance resume as soon as possible.
  3. Contact a local Army recruiter ( to begin the screening process which will include a physical exam and the ASVAB standardized test. Please note that your visit and tests are not binding or oblige you to the US Army in any way.
  4. Once you have been completely qualified by a local recruiter, you will schedule your audition with your audition coordinator. The coordinator will travel to you or to a convenient location for the audition.
  5. If you are found musically qualified, your audition coordinator will submit your audition results, recordings, and resume to be considered for selection from the Band Order of Merit List. This is essentially a waiting list for musicians who have auditioned for our program. The top-scoring musicians will be selected to contract with the Army on a monthly or quarterly basis, as vacancies allow. If you are selected, your recruiter will take you to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) where you will sign your contract and receive a projected departure date for training. If you are NOT selected, you will remain on the list to be considered over the following six months.

Scheduling Your Army Reserve/National Guard Audition

If you are interested in becoming a member of an Army Reserve or National Guard Band, you will need to audition and be selected for a vacancy at that band. Follow these steps to schedule your audition:

  1. Consider which Army Reserve or National Guard Band you would like to be a part of based on the proximity to your current location or the location of the school you plan to attend, etc.
  2. Army Reserve BandsArmy National Guard Bands

  3. Contact the band directly by using the contact information provided on this site.
  4. Inquire about available vacancies at the band and ask to schedule an audition with the band commander if there is a vacancy for your instrument.
  5. You will also need to contact a local Army or National Guard recruiter who will screen you for eligibility to enlist into the military. You will be scheduled to take a military physical exam and the ASVAB test.
  6. Once you have been determined by your recruiter to be fully qualified to enlist and you have passed your audition with the band commander, you will sign a contract and be assigned a projected training departure date.