Tuba Player

Tuba players in the US Army Bands can expect to perform in concert band, ceremonial band, brass quintet, Dixieland band, and/or brass band. Tuba players will be required to perform on sousaphone during marching performances and some outdoor ceremonies.

Audition Requirements

Part 1: Ceremonial Music

Ceremonial music plays an integral part in our job as military musicians. You will be provided a packet of ceremonial music to be prepared prior to your audition.

Part 2: Prepared Music

This is your time to show off your unique talents and skills. We are looking for musicians who are versatile and who have experience in many different styles of music. You should prepare at least three selections of contrasting styles to emphasize your technical, musical, and stylistic ability. These selections can be excerpts from classical solo repertoire, concert band or orchestra literature, or jazz/pop standards. Ask your band liaison to provide suggestions and discuss appropriate repertoire if you have any questions.

Part 3: Music Preparation

This portion of the audition judges how well you can quickly prepare music as if you were called to sub on a gig with short notice. The evening prior to your audition, your band liaison will send you a packet of music of various styles. You will be responsible for preparing the music by your scheduled audition time.

Part 4: Additional Skills

The Army Bands values additional skills that musicians bring to our organization. You may receive additional points on your audition if you choose to demonstrate any of the following: doubling, singing, or improvisation. Please discuss with your band liaison what would be appropriate to prepare should you wish to demonstrate an additional skill.