Do you have what it takes to front a professional band? Find out if your performing skills are good enough to earn a spot as one of Army Bands’s newest specialties, VOCALIST. Army Bands vocalists will perform with many types of bands and ensembles, performing music with universal appeal. With 20 bands stationed in the U.S. and around the world, you’ll have the opportunity to reach audiences worldwide, as an elite vocal performer. Vocalists must meet the requirements of a demanding audition process, be great at many styles of music, learn new music quickly, be a top notch entertainer, and look great doing it.

Audition Requirements

The National Anthem

The candidate may select a key signature that best fits their vocal range. It will be performed in a manner that respects the dignity and purpose as typified by the Department of Defense-approved arrangement of the “Star Spangled Banner”.

Prepared Music

This consists of music selected and prepared by the candidate. Choose 3-6 songs that best exemplify your talents from different styles/genres such as:

  • Rock / Pop
  • Soul / Funk / R&B
  • Country
  • Ballad
  • Jazz / Standard
  • Other: Classical / Theatre / Broadway, Rap

Use of backing tracks or a live band are required to demonstrate ability to sing with a band. Candidates must perform with a microphone and sound system, and should simulate a live performance scenario.

Quickly Prepared Music (Sight-reading)

This section consists of five selections of contrasting styles/genres provided one day prior to the scheduled audition. The candidate will be expected to prepare and perform them at a high level. Lyric lead sheets and backing tracks will be provided, and one selection will be performed a capella.

Additional Skills (optional)

Army Bands values additional skills that musicians bring to our organization. You may receive additional points on your audition if you demonstrate proficiency in the following: improvisation or performing on an instrument. An audition coordinator can discuss standards and recommended selections.