The Army School of Music

Advanced Individual Training

All Army Musicians (with the exception of Soldiers accepted in the Special bands) will attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) after completing Army Basic Training. AIT is a 10 week intensive music performance course at the Army School of Music located on Joint Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, VA.

With a highly skilled and specialized staff of musicians, the School of Music offers new Army Musicians not only coaching and instruction in the specific skills of an Army Musician, but mentoring in further preparation for life as a Soldier in the Army Bands. Students will work in small groups coached by staff members to prepare performances that are not only musically superb but are engaging to audience members.

Additionally, students will learn basic military band marching techniques and movements. Weekly, students will meet individually with their instrumental instructor who will help them hone their skills in preparation for a series of auditions before graduating the course.

Army School of Music