Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a performance by a U.S. Army band?

There is no central scheduling office for bands.  To request a performance by a U.S. Army band, please use Department of Defense form 2536.

Do I need a ticket to attend a performance? If so, how do I get one?

Most U.S. Army band performances do not require a ticket. However, some bands use free tickets to facilitate seating. This is especially true of major events where the potential audience can far exceed the number of seats available. For ticket information about a specific performance, please contact the band directly.

Where can I get recordings of U.S. Army Bands?

Some Army bands produce recordings for distribution through public affairs channels.  These recordings are for the non-profit use of music educators, public libraries, and public broadcasting outlets.  For more detailed information, please search individual band websites.  Additionally, some have been made available online in our listening room.

Where can I learn more about bugle calls and their history?

The bugle calls listed on U.S. Army Bands Online are the bugle calls currently in use by U.S. Army Bands. To find more information, we recommend the following:

Arlington Cemetery - The Taps Project

Where can I find information about bands not listed on U.S. Army Bands Online?
Where can I find information about a friend or relative who once served in a U.S. Army Band?

There have been thousands of U.S. Army bands over the years but we have very little documentation in our offices.  The bands listed on U.S. Army Bands Online are the bands currently activated.  Some band websites list personnel and some have alumni pages.  To find more information, we recommend the U.S. Army FAQ.

How can I get copies of written music for The U.S. National Anthem, The Army Goes Rolling Along, or other songs?

Due to copyright laws and music licensing concerns, we can't provide music and recommend that you buy all music commercially through a music publisher (see a list at or If you can't find the song you would like to purchase, call The U.S. Army Band at (703) 696-3648 for assistance.

How can I assist by performing Taps at military funerals?

Buglers interested in assisting with honors for military funerals (playing Taps) can follow this link to find the nearest Army Casualty Area Command (CAC). Please contact the nearest CAC for information on participating in the Authorized Provider Partnership Program (AP3).

The AP3 enables the military services to seek out and partner with local veterans’ organizations, ROTC, state Military Funeral organizations, and other appropriate organizations in providing and augmenting funeral honors. See the following sites for more information on AP3:

Is the electronic bugle available for purchase?

Yes. On 7 August 2003, the Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) approved the use of the ceremonial bugle throughout the Department. The Developer, S&D Consulting, established a Web site to answer questions on system components, cost, warranty, maintenance and usage. You can also use this Web site to place an order if you desire. The Web site is located at