Spanish-American War
20 May 1898 mustered to active service as part of Headquarters, Headquarters Company 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment
Band Leader: Chief Musician Samuel B. Atkins

Mexican Border
Trained at Fort Logan Roots in North Little Rock, AR and on 18 August 1916 reported at Deming, New Mexico
Band Leader: Chief Musician Dwight Blake

On 12 January 1917 the President ordered US troops out of Mexico. By February 3rd the Arkansas units were boarding trains for Fort Roots and by the end of February all were mustered out

Before the United States had officially declared war, the 1st Regiment along with the band was mobilized 31 March 1917 and began reporting to Fort Roots in North Little Rock, AR. The Training began at Camp Pike (now Camp Robinson) Arkansas, completed at Camp Beauregard, LA. By mid-September the Arkansas units were reorganized and became parts of a new division, the 39th division. The 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment was re-designated as the 153rd Infantry Regiment.

The United States declared war on Germany 6 April 1917.

July 1918 the band went with the 153rd to France as part of the 39th. They returned and mustered out in January 1919.

Post WWI
3 January 1920 per Special Order Number 1: the band was reorganized as a National Guard Unit and a part of the 5th Arkansas Regiment and re-designated the 153rd Infantry Band, stationed in Marianna, AR.
Band Leader: Second Lieutenant R. P. Klingst

The band later moved to Conway, AR, then to North Little Rock, AR. On 25 October 1927: organized and federally recognized in the Arkansas National Guard as the Band, Service Company, 153rd Infantry at North Little Rock.
Band Leader: Warrant Officer Charles A. Bush

Camp Pike was renamed Camp Joseph T. Robinson on 26 August 1937 in honor of recently deceased U.S. Senator Robinson, Democrat, Arkansas, who had served as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

1 May 1940 the Band was once again reorganized and separated from the Service Company, and became the Band, 153rd Infantry.

The band was inducted into Federal service 23 December 1940 at North Little Rock. They along with 153rd Infantry Regiment were mobilized and sent to Camp Robinson for basic training. Moving to Camp Forrest, TN, the regiment spent six week in maneuvers and returned to Camp Robinson for a few days of leave before shipping out to Camp Murray, WA 20 August 1941. In November 1941 the Regiment was sent to Alaska; where they stayed for the duration of the war. The 1st and 3rd Battalions were then posted to Annette Island and Seward, Nome and Yakutat, Alaska. The 2nd Battalion was stationed on Umnak Island, west of Dutch Harbor and took part in the occupation of Adak Island and the assault on Kiska. The band was stationed in the Aleutian Islands although it is not mentioned which island the band occupied.

"The band's primary duty during WWII was Litter Bearers. I was told by some of the 'Old Army Men' that when the band went to Seward, Alaska they were used as stevedores and unloaded ships for 6 months before they ever got their horns out. I was told that after they got their horns out one of the trumpet players said he was getting out of that godforsaken place. He would get up I the middle of the night, go up on a hill and play reveille. After several days of this he was shipped out as being a psycho. Bandsmen haven't changed much. They were as crazy back then as they are now." (courtesy of 1SG Ben Wright ret.)

The 153rd returned to Camp Shelby, MS 21 March 1944 and was deactivated on June 30th and its soldiers assigned as replacements. Many returned to Camp Robinson as cadre.

17 July 1944 the band was reorganized and re-designated as the 106th Ground Forces Band.

15 January 1945 the 106th was inactivated at Camp Campbell, Kentucky.

22 October 1946 the band was reorganized again and federally recognized at North Little Rock. The band was designated as a non-divisional unit.
Band Leader: Chief Warrant Officer John B. Hurley (he was the 1SG for the band when they mobilized in 1940)

17 May 1947 the band was re-designated one last time and became the 106th Army Band

"Summer Camp was at FT Polk. This was the first year that the band had a bus to travel in.
Received the Eisenhower Trophy during the 39th Division Review Parade. The Division Band from New Orleans played the Old Gray Mare while the entire band marched to the review stand to receive the trophy. We only had 28 members and a Warrant Officer then."(courtesy of 1SG Ben Wright ret.)

1SG Merrival A. Emde became the commander when Hurley died
The band went to ST Louis for the American Legion Parade

24 September 1957 – 24 October 1957 the 106th was ordered to federal service.

Chief Warrant Officer Tommy L. Hendricks of Little Rock assumed command

29 September 1961 Merel D. Boyce assumed command he retired CW4 in 1984

Summer Camp at Camp Robinson
This was the 1st summer camp with Ben Wright as 1SG

July 1975
First state tour

Mr. Dunn became Band Master


20 January 1993
The 106th Army Band marched in Bill Clinton's inaugural parade.

29 August 2005 Hurricane Katrina made its second land fall in Louisiana and traveled into Mississippi. The Arkansas National Guard was one of the first to respond to this disaster, and was the last state to withdraw from Louisiana in February 2006.

07 Nov 2005 nine members of the 106th Army Band volunteer for clean up after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. They were sent Chalmette, St. Bernard Parish and stayed in a "tent city" very close to the ninth ward. These members assisted with everything from cleaning out houses to typing up damage estimates for those houses.
5 of the 9 spent 34 days on active duty

AT: Ft Lee, VA. This is known as the traveling AT. The 106th went to ft Lee by bus, flew C-130 into the LRAFB for MG Don C. Morrow TAG, retirement ceremony on 15 July 2006. Then they flew back to Ft Lee only to take a bus back to CJTR.

AT: Ft Meade, MA. The 106th recorded a CD using the Army Field Band’s facilities. This was also the 106th’s first real attempt at forming MPTs.

AT: Ft Gordon backfill for the Army Signal Corps Band

AT was split: MPT C, D, and E State Tour in June. MPT B Ft Leonard Wood backfill for the 399th Army Band in July.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Distinctive Unit Insignia