The "108th Army Band," Arizona National Guard is based at the Papago Park Military Reservation in Phoenix and is comprised of citizen/soldiers who hold full-time professions as musicians, teachers, students, computer programmers, prison guards, small business owners, and construction and postal service workers. In addition to its traditional concert and ceremonial band instrumentation, members of the band also perform regularly in smaller popular, jazz, rock, worship, Dixieland, brass and woodwind ensembles.

Organized in 1913 as the "Band, 1st Regiment Infantry," the unit was first drafted into Federal service in 1917. After demobilizing in 1919, it was reorganized as an element of the 45th Division of the 158th Infantry in 1923 and then inducted into Federal service again in May, 1940. The 158th Infantry, also known as the “Bushmasters”, received wide acclaim as a combat team during World War II. Following a brief name change to the "108th Army Ground Forces Band" in 1944, the band was once again reorganized and redesignated as the “108th Army Band” in 1947.

Since then, the band has earned the reputation of “Arizona's Own” by performing for every major National Guard Command in Arizona and for numerous concerts and parades in various communities throughout the state. As of 13 May 2010, it was officially designated as such. Currently, the "108th Army Band," Arizona National Guard performs under the command of CW2 Steven Brining.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Distinctive Unit Insignia