History of the 133D Army Band

The 133d Army Band was organized in the Washington Army National Guard in 1924, as the Band Section Battery of the 146th Field Artillery. In July 1940, it was recognized as the 146th Field Artillery Band and in September 1940, the Band was inducted into federal service at Seattle, WA. During World War II, the Band reorganized as the 41st Infantry Division Band and its campaign credits include New Guinea, Luzon and the Southern Philippines. The Band completed its WWII service in Japan, and was deactivated in December 1945.
The 41st Inf Div Band was again reorganized and recognized in the WAARNG in October 1947, and holds the distinction of being the only all African-American Army National Guard Band in the United States until President Truman integrated the military in 1948. It became known as the HHD 41st Infantry Division Trans & Infantry Band, in April 1959, and in March 1953, became HQ & Band, 41st Inf Div Support Command. Finally, in January 1968, it was re-designated as the 133d Army Band

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

Distinctive Unit Insignia