Organized and federally recognized 1 March 1954 in the Illinois Army National Guard as the 33rd Infantry Division Band at Springfield.

Reorganized and redesignated 1 March 1959 as the 33rd Infantry Division Band, headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 33rd Infantry Division Trains.

Reorganized and redesignated 1 April 1963 as 33rd Infantry Division Band, Headquarters, Headquarters and Band, 33rd Infantry Division Support Command.

Headquarters, Headquarters and Band, 33rd Infantry Division Support Command reorganized and redesignated 16 March 1964 as Headquarters, Headquarters Company and Band, 33rd Infantry Division Support Command.

Reorganized and redesignated 1 February 1968 as the 144th Army Band and relieved from assignment to the 33rd Infantry Division

Home Station for the 144th Army Band was set at Camp Lincoln in Springfield, IL.

In October 1982, a groundbreaking ceremony was conducted for a new armory to be built on Camp Lincoln, in Springfield, Illinois. The two-story, 55,000 square foot building would feature a drill floor, indoor rifle range, medical examination facilities, offices, and rehearsal and instrument storage areas. Since 1980, the band has called this new facility home. The band was attached to the Joint Force Headquarters from 1968 through 2008. JFHQ provides personnel, transportation and logistical support for all units of the Illinois Army National Guard in executing mobilization plans to ensure members efficiently reach their mobilization stations. JFHQ consists of 750 soldiers.

In 2008, the 144th Army Band was detached from JFHQ and was assigned to the new 65th Troop Command Brigade. The 65th Troop Command provides mission command to assigned units focusing on personnel, logistics, and training. The 65th Troop Command coordinates and provides resources and support to assigned units, Soldiers, and families in preparation for, conduct of, and in recovery from their state and federal missions. Additionally, serves as the primary Joint Task Force performing defense support to civil authorities. The 65th TCB consists of over 2800 soldiers, is the 2nd largest major command in the Illinois Army National Guard, is comprised of 17 different branches and 67 different military occupational specialties, and is widely geographically dispersed throughout the state in 19 separate armories.

In 2018, the band was moved from its location at the North Armory on Camp Lincoln to the Calumet Armory (Donnelly Building) in the South Loop, Chicago. The armories in Chicago are markedly larger than other facilities in Illinois often housing entire battalions of Soldiers. The Donnelly Building (Calumet Ave) was constructed in 1993. The 144th Army Band is one of six units housed at the Calumet Armory.

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