1st AD Band performs at ‘Alfresco! Fridays’

By Sgt. Sinthia Rosario
24th Press Camp Headquarters

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Photo credit: Sgt. Sinthia Rosario
Soldiers of the 1st Armored Division Band perform during Alfresco! Fridays in downtown El Paso. The band is also known as “Shock Action,” and it was their first performance at the event.
El Paso residents had the opportunity to enjoy a live music performance by the 1st Armored Division Band, also known as “Shock Action,” during Alfresco! Fridays in downtown El Paso May 18.

“This gives the Soldiers the opportunity to build community relations and helps to bridge the gap between El Paso and Fort Bliss,” said Spc. Felix J. Guiffra, drummer/percussionist with the band.

Guiffra said through music the Soldiers are able to do that, and that hopefully they can have a positive effect on the El Paso community.

Ivonne Porras, a 54-year-old El Paso resident, said she’s been coming to Alfresco! Fridays for three years and called the band “amazing.” Porras added that the different style of music is a welcome change for the public and it’s also good for the younger generation.

“This is our first time here in Alfresco,” said Spc. Randy R. Holmes, vocalist for the 1st AD Band. “I’m surprised at the amount of people who came here today. This is great.”

Holmes added that it was worth attending and providing entertainment for the people of El Paso.

“We love opportunities like this, to come and play for the community,” said Guiffra. “They seem to be enjoying the music and they’re up there dancing, which is great. It’s nice to have their support. In Fort Bliss we need the support of El Paso and we’re definitely feeling it here tonight.”

“It’s good to have the military doing things like that,” said El Paso resident Patricia Gutierrez. “I didn’t know they had a band. They are full of spirit and have inspired me to go dance up front. I hope they come again, it’s a good change, and I think it’s good for them too, to be involved with our community and to get to know us.”

To learn more about the 1st AD Band, visit www.facebook.com/1starmoreddivisionband.

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