'It's My Sound' - Father Plays for Daughter's Graduation

By Demetria Mosley
Ft. Jackson Public Affairs Office

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Photo credit: Demetria Mosley
Sgt. Maj. Hoffer prepares to rehearse with the 282nd Army Band.
A trumpet blares out on Fort Jackson’s Hilton Field today hoping that its tune sounds familiar to the ear of a graduating Soldier.

While most families coming to graduation cheer on their new Soldier from the bleachers, Sgt. Major Gil Hoffer, of The United States Army Band’s “Pershing own”, wanted to find a special way to celebrate his daughter completing 10 weeks of basic combat training.

He wanted to perform with Fort Jackson’s 282nd band.

“When Hoffer emailed me asking if he could march on the field for his daughter, I said no problem. Of course,” said 1st Sgt. Kristin Barrett of the 282nd Band.

His daughter, Spc. Tiffany Hoffer of Bravo Company 1st Battalion 61st Infantry said her father was the biggest influence in her decision to play in an Army band.

“I started playing in 5th grade and he would help me,” she said. “I love watching him play and hearing him.”

Gil and his daughter both play trumpet. They both attended Indiana University for music and both studied with classic trumpeter John Rommel.

Tiffany will be playing in the Army Field Band out of Fort Meade which is a counterpart to Gil’s band. There will be times when the two play at the same occasions.

“I hope she knows it’s my sound when I play. I hope she knows it’s me,” Gil said. “We’re both musicians so I thought this was a more meaningful way to congratulate her.”

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