APAJ-GH-AB 5 March 2015


SUBJECT: United States Army Japan (USARJ) Band FY14 History Report

1. The following is a synopsis of the historic events within USARJ Band for the period 1 October 2013 through 30 September 2014:

a. Major Events and Accomplishments:

(1) Uncle Sam’s All-American Brass Band was recognized as the U.S. Army Music Performance Team of the Year in the Instrumental Ensemble category. Samurai of Rock and the Ceremonial Band were selected as runners-up in their respective categories.
(2) SFC Kira Welch was named the U.S. Army Music Senior NCO of the Year
(3) SSG Tony Buzzella was awarded the COL Finley Hamilton Outstanding Military Musician Award.
(4) SFC Daniel Welch, SSG Ricardo Rafael and SSG Thomas Reeves were inducted into the USARJ Chapter of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.
(5) The USARJ Band participated in the 49th Annual Japanese Self Defense Force Marching Festival from 14-16 November.
(6) Pacific Brass supported the 65th Annual Sapporo Snow Festival in Sapporo, from 4-6 February.
(7) Uncle Sam’s All-American Brass Band and Fuji Winds supported the 57th Annual Kure Harbor Festival from 28-30 April.
(8) Kanto Jazz performed at secondary schools and universities in Guam from 8-11 May, assisting USAREC in recruiting Army Musicians.
(9) Uncle Sam’s All-American Brass Band and Fuji Winds supported the Shimoda Blackship Festival from 15-18 May.
(10) Pacific Brass supported a Change of Command and community performances in Okinawa from 9-14 June.
(11) Kanto Jazz and Uncle Sam’s All American Brass Band toured the Tohoku region of Japan from 9-12 September. The performances were for the citizens greatly affected by the earthquake and Tsunami of 3/11.

b. Bilateral, Public Relations and Military Missions by month:
Event Name Location

(10) October
Honors Ceremony Camp Zama
Atsugi/NAF Jazz Night Atsugi NAF
CG’s Installation Run Camp Zama
ZAHS Homecoming Parade Camp Zama
Camp Zama Oktoberfest Camp Zama
MLC Award Ceremony Zama City
Zama Golf Course Pro Shop Opening Camp Zama
JGSDF Review Saitama
Hosen School Concert Sagamihara
LCA Kindergarten Halloween Concert Sagamihara
CDC Pumpkin Parade Camp Zama
LCA Elementary Concert Sagamihara

(11) November
Kunugidai Fureai Festival Sagamihara
Hakone Parade Hakone
Echikida Community Hall Festival Atsugi
Zama City Furusato Festival Zama City
4th Engineer Anniversary Ceremony Camp Zama
JGSDF Marching Festival Tokyo
Honors Ceremony Camp Zama
Newcomer’s Orientation Camp Zama
American Education Week Camp Zama
Exhibition of Showa Tokyo
USAGJ CoC Camp Zama

(12) December
JGSDF 1st Band Fureai Concert Tokyo
Camp Zama Tree Lighting/MPT Concert Camp Zama
Morinosato Concert and Language Exchange Atsugi
SHA Tree Lighting Sagamihara
SGD Tree Lighting Sagami Depot
Yokota Middle School concert Yokota
Christmas Jazz Live Sagamiono
Sagamiono Xmas Jazz Live Sagamihara
Sagamihara City Tree Lighting Onokita
Zama City Christmas Concert Zama City
ZAHS Christmas Concert Camp Zama

(1) January
USARJ & I Core Forward Retirement Ceremony Camp Zama
Commanding General’s New Year Reception Camp Zama
Zama City School for the Disabled Zama City
Newcomer’s Brief Camp Zama
500th MI New Year Reception Tokyo
Sagamihara Culture Foundation Concert Sagamihara City
UNESCO New Year Concert Tokyo
MLK Observance Camp Zama

(2) February
Sapporo Snow Festival Hokkaido
Kanagawa Music Festival Yokosuka
USARJ MP Battalion AOC Camp Zama
Japan SGT’s Salute Camp Zama
Black History Month Camp Zama
USARJ NCO Induction Ceremony Camp Zama

(3) March
Women’s History Month Observance Camp Zama
Yokohama St. Patrick’s Day Parade Yokohama
Tokyo St. Patrick’s Day Parade Tokyo
Green Hills Nursing Home Concert Sagamihara City
Chiba St. Patrick’s Day Parade Chiba
1st Anniversary of Bono at Sagamiono Sagamihara City
CRF 1st Anniversary Camp Zama
USARJ Honors Ceremony Camp Zama

(4) April
Yokota Advanced Band Work Shop Camp Zama
2014 Graduate Recognition Ceremony Camp Zama
Take Back the Night Camp Zama
Cherry Blossom 7k Run Camp Zama
Cherry Blossom Festival Camp Zama
CG’s Cherry Blossom Reception Camp Zama
Sagamihara Sakura Matsuri Parade Sagamihara City
Helicopter Strike Squadron 77 Change of Command Atsugi
Sagamihara Sibazakura Festival Sagamihara City
Senior Enlisted Leaders Housing Ribbon Cutting Camp Zama
VAQ-141 CoC Atsugi
Youth Volunteer Recognition Ceremony Camp Zama
Camp Osaka Concert Camp Osaka
CG’s Installation Run Camp Zama
BFA102 CoC Atsugi
Days of Remembrance Camp Zama
Military Child Spring Festival Camp Zama
Nico Nico Chokaigi Chiba
JMSDF Joint Concert Kure
Kure Port Festival Parade Kure

(5) May
Yokohama Super Parade Yokohama
Cinco de Mayo Concert Tokyo
Sagamihara Kite Festival Sagamihara City
Zama Kite Festival Zama City
National Prayer Breakfast Camp Zama
TSC Opening Ceremony Sagamihara
Retirement Ceremony Yokosuka
GWHS Band Performance Guam
Sanchez HS/Guerrero MS Concert Guam
Agana Concert Guam
Daring Fox Ruck March Camp Zama
Inazusa Junior HS Concert Shimoda
Gyokusenji Temple Concert Shimoda
Memorial Service Shimoda
Daring Fox Award Ceremony/Social Camp Zama
Garden Party Shimoda
Shimoda Post Office Concert Shimoda
USARJ Band Concert Shimoda
KPASS Master Class Yakota
Blackship Festival Official Ceremony Shimoda
Blackship Festival Parade Shimoda
Blackship Sunset Concert Shimoda
Nigiwai Concert Shimoda
Nigiwai Parade Shimoda
Sagamidai International Fiesta Sagamihara City
USARJ Tattoo Camp Zama
Stars and Stripes Change of Command Hardy Barracks
Ikego Friendship Festival Yokosuka
SHA Pool Opening SHA
Jazz Under the Stars Camp Zama
Asian Pacific Heritage Observance Camp Zama
Commissioning Ceremony Atsugi
CRF Ceremony Ebina

(6) June
Yokohama Port Festival Yokohama
B29 Memorial Shizuoka
623rd Redeployment Ceremony Camp Zama
Ekiden Race Yokota
Strong Beginnings Graduation Camp Zama
Toda Concert and Language Exchange Atsugi
Atsugi Sounds of Summer Atsugi
MEDDAC CoC Camp Zama
836th CoC Yokohama North Dock
RLSO CoC Yokosuka
DV Visit to Camp Zama Camp Zama
NCO Induction Ceremony Camp Zama
Army Birthday Ball Camp Zama
Public Health Command CoC Camp Zama
USARJ and I Core Forward CoC Camp Zama
Wine Social Camp Zama
USAGJ Independence Day Camp Zama
CG’s Independence Day BBQ Camp Zama

(7) July
PHCD-J CoC Camp Zama
CFAY Command Picnic Yokosuka
Camp Zama Independence Day Concert Camp Zama
Tokyo American Club Celebration Tokyo
Campaign Against Juvenile Delinquency Tokyo
20th Ann Celebration of the Oonodai Community Hall Sagamihara City
Warrant Officer Birthday Celebration Camp Zama
78th Signal Battalion CoC Camp Zama
78th Aviation Battalion CoC Camp Zama
CZCC Wine Social Camp Zama
Col. Sloan Retirement Social Tokyo
DCMA Japan CoC Atsugi
Warrant Officer Isono CoR Camp Zama

(8) August
Camp Zama Bon Odori Festival Camp Zama
CG’s Bon Odori Reception Camp Zama
ESL-JMSDF Reception Yokosuka
Yokohama North Dock Fireworks Yokohama North Dock
CRF Honors Ceremony Camp Zama
Signal Social Camp Zama
Atsugi Jazz Night Atsugi
Atsugi Ombudsman Appreciation Banquet Atsugi
Hobby Expo Chiba
Camp Zama Block Party Camp Zama
Suwa Shrine Festival Atsugi
1st Day of School SHA
Installation Run Camp Zama
Torin Drum and Fife Workshop Camp Zama
Women’s Equality Day Observance Camp Zama
CSM Payton CoR Camp Zama
CSM Payton Farewell Diner Camp Zama

(9) September
Music Under the Stars Camp Zama
Mr. Yen Retirement Camp Zama
9/11 Remembrance Ceremony Camp Zama
GI SME Exchange Diner Toyko
Embassy Housing Area Friendship Day Toyko
Retirement Appreciation Day Camp Zama
Passport to Life Camp Zama
Kahki Ball Atsugi
Welcome Back Party Minato-Ku
Morinosato Owl’s Forest Concert Morinosato
USARJ Honors Ceremony Camp Zama

2. Point of contact for this report is SSG Andrew Dykes Jr DSN (315) 263-4950, or the undersigned at DSN (315) 263-5705.

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