Music for Romanian Armed Forces Day

By Sgt. Victoria Chamberlin
USAREUR Band & Chorus

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Photo credit: Sgt. Victoria Chamberlin
Children look on as Maj. Dwayne S. Milburn conducts the USAREUR Band in Arad, Romania.
ARAD, ROMANIA – On 25 October 1944, Romanian General, Gheorghe Avramescu said “Over the centuries you will be remembered and praised, you, the officers and soldiers who have freed Transylvania.” It was on this day that Romanian troops liberated the last city, freeing their country from Nazi oppression. This day of victory is celebrated as Romanian Armed Forces day, to show appreciation for past, present, and future generations of the Romanian Military.

Crowds of all ages gathered in the main square of Arad, just inside the Hungarian border to enjoy march classics, and American Dixie-land favorites. Along with members of the Fourth Infantry Division stationed in Germany, the U.S. Army Europe Band performed alongside Romanian military musicians to help show our solidarity with our NATO partner nation.

"Romania is a strategic partner to the United States because it is such a professional and reliable ally, "LTG Ben Hodges said about Romania, which has been a member of NATO since 2004. "This is why the Army is here now, to assure our allies that we will always be here."

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