The 39th Army Band, New Hampshire Army National Guard can trace its lineage
back 139 years to its inception in Manchester in 1879. When activated for the
Spanish American War, it was known as the Band Section, 1st Infantry, New
Hampshire National Guard. During World War I, it became know as the Band
Section for 1st Army Headquarters Regiment. During World War II, it was known
as the band for 172nd Field Artillery, New Hampshire. Since 1947, it has been
known by its current designation 39th Army Band New Hampshire Army National

The band is stationed in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Manchester
Readiness Center located at 1059 Canal Street. The 39th Army Band has
represented the United States of America overseas on missions that have
included St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Athens, Greece and Good will Ambassadors
to the country of Costa Rica in July 1995. We have performed for
President George W. Bush during a New Hampshire visit and assisted the state
of Louisiana during the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

The band is comprised of musicians representing many communities throughout
our state. The members of the 39th Army Band are dedicated soldiers whose
high standard of performance is respected and anticipated wherever they
perform. Truly, the 39th Army Band is a shining example of New Hampshire's
Soldiers at their finest.

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