Task Force Marne Band Rocks the FOB

By SFC(P) Frank R. Barlow
3rd Infantry Division Band

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Photo credit: SGT Ralph Gaskin
The Four Horsemen of the Arockalypse take their show to an isolated FOB in Northern Iraq.
The newest addition to the arsenal of performing teams for the Task Force Marne Band is the Four Horsemen of the Arockalypse (4HOTA). Four junior Soldiers started rehearsing together just to get to play and what they ended up with was a group that the command team felt was what the troops would want to hear. And were they right!

Under the leadership of SFC Eric Cryer, 4HOTA has quickly become very popular throughout the United States Division - North here in Iraq. They cover many genre's of music from Pantera to Sublime and they do them all extremely well. 4HOTA recently packed up and headed off to FOB Bernstein to perform for the troops there, who have not had any type of MWR support for more than five months.

A far cry from the perceived Brass Quintet that these troops expected, 4HOTA brought everything they had to these Soldiers on an isolated FOB in Northern Iraq. "Who knows better what Joe's want to hear than four Joe's", said PFC Alan Bradley, lead singer for 4HOTA.

The other members of the team are:
SPC Avery Cody - Bass
SPC Steve Haaker - Drums
SPC Hector Munoz - Lead Guitar

SFC Eric Cryer - NCOIC
SGT Ralph Gaskin - Sound NCOIC

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