The Military Intelligence Corps Band carries on the traditions started by the musicians who accompanied General George Washington's troops into battle more than 200 years ago. In addition to the full ensemble, the band can break down into small groups which can perform all genres of music appropriate to different venues. The band's history begins when it was constituted February 2nd, 1901 as “Band, 15th Cavalry” at The Presidio of San Francisco, California. The band later moved to Fort D.A. Russell, Wyoming, where it was inactivated October 18th, 1921. The band was then reactivated March 22nd, 1942 at Fort Riley, Kansas, then moved to Camp Maxey, Texas on January 23rd, 1943, where it was re-designated “62nd Army Ground Forces Band” on June 2nd, 1944. The band went through numerous moves and reorganizations from 1944 to 1946, including Camp Ellis, Illinois and Camp Swift and Camp Bowie, Texas, before being transferred to Fort Bliss, Texas on February 8th, 1946. The band was assigned to the Artillery School on November 20th, 1946, and was re-designated “62nd Army Band” on May 15th, 1947. The 62nd Army Band remained at Fort Bliss until June 14th, 2011, when the band moved its headquarters to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where it remains today. The 62nd Army Band was officially designated as the "U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps Band" on July 13th, 2011. The Military Intelligence (MI) Corps Band received campaign participation credit for the Philippine Insurrection and World War I, and has been awarded the Army Superior Unit Award.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

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