On March 26, 1926 the Cheyenne Band was organized and federally recognized as the Band Section, Service Troop, 115th Cavalry in Cheyenne. It was redesignated the Band of the 115th Cavalry on June 1, 1926.

The Band participated in summer maneuvers at Pole Mountain encampments with the 115th Cavalry between 1924 and 1937 where they participated in parades and ceremonies as well as filed exercises.

The Band was called to active duty with the 115th Cavalry regiment for World War II on February 24, 1941 and was sent to Fort Lewis, Washington. On May 19, 1942 the Band was again reorganized as the Band, 115th Cavalry, Mechanized. The band was inactivated April 8, 1946 at Fort Ord, California.

The Band became the 67th Army Ground Forces Band on May 23, 1944 and was redesignated as the 67th Army Band May 17, 1947. Since that time the band has undergone several reorganizations of personnel and updating of equipment but the name has remained the same.

From 1947 to present, the 67th Army Band has fulfilled its peacetime mission of promoting morale for the troops by providing suitable music for military functions. The band has evolved over recent years to providing entertainment using small groups and combos. The demand for the use of the band has become very heavy not only within our state but also other states and active components who have lost their bands due to federal cut backs.

The Band went to The Presidio in San Francisco, California for two weeks of annual training in May 1989. While in California the band participated in parades and numerous concerts. During their concert on Pier 39 the band had people dancing in the streets as they performed songs ranging from jazz to big band, country, rock and traditional military marches.

During the period of June 28th through July 6th, 1992 the 67th Army Band participated in Annual Training in Guatemala under the guidance and supervision of the Office of the Ambassador. While in Guatemala the band participated in several military functions, as well as Independence Day performances at the Ambassadors’ Residence, the America Club and a public performance. During the time that the Band was in Guatemala they gave 10 concerts in three cities and played for at least 10,000 people. A letter from Thomas F. Stroock, Ambassador to Guatemala, to Secretary of Defense, Honorable Richard B. Cheney, stated that the band’s music was received enthusiastically. “They were received enthusiastically because they are fine soldiers and great representatives of the National Guard. Their music was outstanding, their marching letter-perfect, their discipline in the highest tradition of the service and their warm and winning Wyoming ways captured all who met them.”

In 1994 the Band served as the active component band at Fort Carson, Colorado under the direction of WOC Terry Barbre and 1SG John Slay. While at Fort Carson the Band fulfilled the missions of the post band and participated in many parades and ceremonies. In 1995 the Band returned to Fort Carson as the post band for their two-week annual training period.

In 1996 the Band performed at the host night concert of the Wyoming All State Music Conference in Evanston. The country/rock ensemble also performed a concert for the student participants in the All State Band, Orchestra and Choir.

In 1998 the Band traveled to Ft. Lewis, Washington and took the place of the post Band, participating in many ROTC graduations and two Change of Command Ceremonies. While at Fort Lewis the Trumpet Players were very busy playing for many military ceremonies and funerals including a funeral in California where one of the unit’s trumpeters was sent TDY.

In 2005, the band was tasked to perform duties as the state Quick Reaction Force, a joint force assignment that commit them to two years of training, validation, and duty. The band was relieved of this duty on September 14, 2007, after having successfully validated and serving in the position for a year.

In 2009, the 67th Army Band traveled to Ft. Lee, Virginia for AT and took the place of the post band. The 67th participated in several change of Command Ceremonies, to include a Brigade Change of Command. The 67th's Rock Band and Concert Band also performed at Coloniel Williamsburg during AT in 2009.

In 2013 the 67th participated in the 94th Troop Command Battalion Training Exersice at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming. This joint exercise incorporated the units under Troop Command direction. The band served as convoy security during the 72 hour training.

Today the Band participates in parades and other community activities in several communities throughout the state in addition to performing for official military functions and fulfilling the unit’s Annual Training requirements. Each year the 67th provides a spectrum of musical support for the State Governor's Ball, the Soldier and Airman of the Year ceremony, and Cheyenne Frontier Days Military Monday.

The band command team is WO1 Brett White and The 1SG Charles Olivas.

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