77th Army Band Wins Top Supply Award

By Specialist Mellanie Williston
The Cannoneer

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Specialist Terrel Henckel, supply clerk, inspects a guitar before returning it to the shelves.
Fort Sill's 77th Army Band won the Chief of Staff, Army, Supply Excellence Award at the Training and Doctrine Command level, and will compete for the Department of the Army level in May.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Kursinsky, noncommissioned officer in charge, Staff Sgt. Adelphia Sternberg, budgeting, SSG Brown and Spc. Terrel Henckel, supply clerks, all worked long hours in order to be prepared for the competition, said Sgt. First Class Michael Goetz, supply supervisor.

"Teamwork, a good work ethic and strict adherence to regulations and the Command Supply Discipline Program is what it takes to win," said Goetz.

Because of their regular musician duties there was little time to prepare during the duty day, said Goetz. He said they spent a lot of off duty hours in preparation.
"It takes long hours and lots of pizza," Kursinsky said.

Competing for the award has boosted their confidence, he said. "We are not MOS trained supply soldiers. We all had to learn from scratch and knowing we did well enough to compete at DA level is something we can all be proud of," said Henckel.

"It is a reward for all of our hard work and a great thing for the band field," said Goetz.
The 77th Army Band has won at TRADOC level in 1990, 1991 and 1993, but this is the first time Goetz, Kursinsky, Sternberg, Brown and Henckel have competed. They hope to bring even more honor to their unit and all Army bands by winning at DA level.

In preparation for the DA level competition the team is now trying to maintain what we have accomplished and we're always looking for ways to improve, Henckel said.
According to the competition's Web site, the program works as a tool to improve unit readiness. The program also provides recognition of soldiers and encourages implementation of the Command Supply Discipline Program. The competition helps to improve the overall supply system. The evaluation is based on the Command Supply Discipline Program, and results help to determine changes or improvements to regulations and policies.

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