RECOIL TAIRS through Texas!

By SSG Eric Burger
77th Army Band

Once again, the rock band RECOIL from 77th Army Band at Ft. Sill has been tasked with assisting US Army Recruiters in reaching out to high school and college students. Their most current TAIR (Total Army Involvement in Recruiting) tour will have them performing 18 times at 13 high schools and 2 universities throughout Texas, while logging over 1800 miles in 16 days.

RECOIL has been very successful in the past, assisting recruiters in Colorado and Texas, and will continue to increase their unique outreach next year with a 3 week tour exclusively to music students at universities and junior colleges.

The 9 member band is exceptional in that it performs mostly music that has been on the charts in the last 2 or 3 years, and always performs many selections that are currently on the charts. Their selections cover a wide range of styles, including Rock, Country, R & B, Hip Hop, Alternative, Ska, and Goth. All 9 members of the band will sing lead during the show, which helps account for the vast diversity of styles.

The tour has been coordinated by operations NCO SSG Sam Metcalf, who also plays guitar and sax. The NCOIC of the group is SSG Eric Burger, who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, and trombone. Major talent is supplied by: SSG Christopher Boltinghouse, bass; SSG Antwan MacArthur, drums and Handsonic; SGT Jessica Bunch, keyboards; SGT Tyson Friar, lead guitar; SPC Stephen Gassett, drums and Handsonic; Edgar (Eddie) Sneed, sax; Benjamin Stevens, trumpet; and Kevin McDaniel, sound.

RECOIL's Schedule is:

27 OCT 07 1230 Steven F Austin University Homecoming, Nacogdoches, TX
29 OCT 07 1200 University of North Texas, Denton, TX
30 OCT 07 1300 Lake Dallas High School, Lake Dallas, TX
31 OCT 07 0900 Rockwall High School, Rockwall, TX
01 NOV 07 1000 Kemp High School, Kemp, TX
1100 Kemp High School, Kemp, TX
1300 Kemp High School, Kemp, TX
02 NOV 07 1300 Scurry High School, Scurry, TX
1800 E H Hanby Stadium, Mesquite – Football game between
West Mesquite HS vs. Terrel HS
05 NOV 07 1000 Trinity High School, Euless, TX
1100 Trinity High School, Euless, TX
06 NOV 07 1330 Loan Oak School District (K-12), Lone Oak, TX
07 NOV 07 TBD Jacksonville, TX
08 NOV 07 TBD Tyler, TX
09 NOV 07 TBD Nacogdoches, TX

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