101st Airborne Division Rock Band...Where Are They?

By SPC Richard Ford
101st Airborne Division

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Photo credit: SPC Bohannon
101st Hangin' with the Mujahideen
Bagram to Jalalabad Airfield (JAF). Convoy from JAF to Nangahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). Take a Chinook flight from the PRT to Torkham Firebase. From Torkham to FOB Kogyiani and from Kogyiani back to the PRT, all via Chinook. Convoy back to JAF and hop on a bird back to Bagram.

The above mentioned was the ground covered in a recent 13 day trip by the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) rock band. Multiple shows were played at each Forward Operating Base (FOB) with the exception of JAF.
Each place the group played at had its own unique experience. At the PRT the rock band played multiple shows but the most interesting was the halloween party. Despite the lack of a Post Excahnge (PX), people still showed up that night with costumes and everything. Torkham firebase was interesting simply because the base was in the mountains, right on the border of Pakistan. Each day the group hiked up a side of the mountain (about a mile up) and viewed Pakistan. The shows here were a little more relaxed. No parties, just people coming out to relax, hear some tunes that they knew and enjoy the fire. Kogyiani went well but the atmosphere there has changed. The group played there about two months ago and had a blast (despite all of the gear not working or just blowing up). This time around was fun but the guys there seem a bit more stressed. Hopefully at least for a few hours their minds were eased by the smooth silky voices of SSG Thompson and the rising star here in country, CPL Droppleman.

After a few days of rest here at Bagram the group is set to move out again. Travelling out to the small FOBs is what this group loves to do which always raises the question..."Where is the rock band?" Just look up. We are either in a bird or on a mountain coming to a FOB near you.

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