The United States Army Field Band

By Angela Huston
Medina County Life

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Photo credit: Sgt. 1st Class Robert McIver
The United States Army Field Band Soldiers wave to the audience during a performance in Springfield, Ohio June 29.
It was like a Norman Rockwell moment, only better. It was a live scene depicting the compelling heartfelt emotions of patriotism and love of country being shared in the Medina Performing Arts Center July 1 as The United States Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus entertained the huge crowd that packed the large theater.

Following background comments about the band by Commander and Conductor Colonel Thomas H. Palmatier, and recognition of special guests by Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell, The Musical Ambassadors of the Army began the concert promptly at 1900 hours. The band touched every person in the audience with about a dozen arrangements of stirring music glorifying our great country and the people who make it so in a varied number ways -- the men and women who have ever served in every branch of the military, the nostalgic songs of Simon and Garfunkel, the timeless music of great composers - all masterfully performed by Army personnel from all over the United States who spend weeks at a time on the road traveling from city to city to proudly "carry into the grassroots of our country the story of our magnificent Army." One of the vocalists, SPC Erica Russo, has connections to Medina, whose in-laws are residents here.

Several members of the band and chorus performed instrumental and vocal solos, and in one presentation, each section of the band was showcased in a rousing number. In addition to these musical treats, Palmatier announced a surprise change in the program at the beginning of the second half of the performance; twelve members of the Medina and Brunswick Community Bands had been invited to join the Army Field Band on stage to play one selection.

The second last number on the program was the traditional tribute to all the members, past and present, of every branch of the military. In keeping with the spirit of the well-known rivalry, Palmatier quipped the band would start with the Navy, "to get that one out of the way first." As the music representing each branch was played, members who had served recently and/or as far back as World War II and their families stood to be recognized. It seemed as though everyone in the theater had served his/her country at one time or another, and Palmatier smartly saluted each group in turn.

The concert closed with The Stars and Stripes Forever, followed by an encore selection, Proud to be An American. It was obvious people left feeling renewed in spirit.

Medina First Christian Church, Medina City Hall, Medina City Schools, Medina Community Band and Medina County Veterans Services were the event sponsors. You can follow the band at www.facebook.com/FieldBand or visit them at www.ArmyFieldBand.com.

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