Two Bands Equals One Great Show

By The U.S. Army Field Band Public Affairs Office
The U.S. Army Field Band

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Photo credit: SFC John Lake
"Controlled Detonation" of the 1st Infantry Division Band and "The Volunteers" of The U.S. Army Field Band onstage in Basra, Iraq.
The sun had set and the weather had cooled to a balmy 100 degrees in Basra, Iraq when the rock band from the 1st Infantry Division, "Controlled Detonation," hit the stage. The enthusiastic audience included Major General Vincent Brooks, Commanding General of the famed "Big Red One," and they cheered heartily for their hometown rockers.

After a hard-driving half hour set, The Vounteers of The U.S. Army Field Band took the stage. The Volunteers, the Army's premier touring rock band, had just arrived after performances in Kuwait and were ready to put on a show -- and they didn't disappoint. They served up soaring vocals by Sergeant First Class April Boucher and Staff Sergeant Randy Wight, tight grooves by bassist Sergeant First Class Pete Krasulski and drummer Staff Sergeant Glenn Robertson, shredding guitar solos by Sergeant First Class Tom Lindsey, and all tied together by leader and keyboardist Sergeant Major Kirk Kadish. An amazing one hour set that went all the way from Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga and everything in between brought the audience to their feet.

After the show, 1st Infantry Division troopers said it was the best concert they'd ever heard. The Soldier-Musicians of the two bands spent the rest of the night exchanging compliments and tips on how to make their bands even better.

The Volunteers continue their series of performances in Iraq over the month of September but will long remember their encounter with "Controlled Detonation." Follow them on www.facebook.com/fieldband.

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