98th Army Band
Fort Rucker, Alabama

The 98th Army Band traces its roots to the 40th Engineer Regiment in March of 1942. Its home of origin was Camp Crowder, Missouri, which was a training camp for military musicians along with its sister post, Camp Lee. It was at these camps that civilian musicians were trained in the arts and sciences of soldier skills as well as those of military ceremonies, traditions, and heritage.

As World War II was already in force, very soon the 40th Engineer Band would apply theory to practice in far away places such as Sicily, Naples, Rome, Southern France, the Rhineland, and Central Europe as the allies pushed to liberate Europe. In 1944, the band was re-designated as the 98th Ground Forces Band in allied-Germany. In 1947, the regimental band was deactivated, and the unit was transferred to the regular Army. Shortly thereafter, the band was relocated to Italy and designated the 98th Army Band. In 1952, the band was relocated to Camp Rucker in southeast Alabama. This was to be the home of the newly Army Aviation. Soon Camp Rucker would become a permanent post, and re-designated as Fort Rucker.
Over time, the band developed its musical mission to include both military ceremonies and civilian public relations events.

Today, located at the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence at Fort Rucker, AL, the 98th Army "Silver Wings" Band serves both the military and civillian communities of the Wiregrass area of Southern Alabama and Florida.

Serving the Wiregrass area of Alabama and Florida, the 98th Army Band has developed its musical mission to include both military ceremonies and civilian public relations events. The unit continues its longstanding tradition of excellence by supporting graduations, ceremonies, honors, recruiting, and public relations. Ensembles from the unit can be found performing in various schools, colleges, parades, festivals, and community events throughout the Wiregrass, as well as on the field to honor those who have retired or passed on.


USAACE Cermonial Band
98th Army Band Silver Sonics Jazz Combo
98th Army Band Silver Wings Jazz Orchestra
Wiregrass Brass Quintet
Crossfire Rock Band
Blackout Brass Band
Tuba-Euphonium Quartet
Trombone Choir
98th Army Band Silver Wings Jazz Orchestra

General Information
Composed of 40 highly skilled and motivated soldier/musicians, the Silver Wings Band, and its numerous smaller ensembles, are available for Army/Air Force AIT and flight student graduations, as well as public performances for community events that are free and open to the public. To request a artist/clinician or ensemble from the unit for your next community event, please feel free to contact the 98th Army Band Operations office at (334) 255-9202

For more information, call 255-9202 or visit http://www-rucker.army.mil/98AB/index.htm

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